Fees / Membership


Phoenix Triathlon Club Membership brings many benefits, including:

 Coaching -  sessions are structured to allow triathletes of all abilities to participate and develop at their own pace.

Group Training Sessions - enjoy the company, motivation & support of like-minded individuals, particularly useful to get you going again when your enthusiasm starts to flag...

Encouragement - all our members were "beginners" once!  Our coaches and members willingly offer a warm welcome, support and advice.

Membership fees - Membership to Phoenix Triathlon Club is available via the Triathlon Australia Membership Portal. This ensures our members receive all of the benefits, including insurance, offered to members of Triathlon Australia. Membership is renewed annually and runs from 1 July to 30 June.  TWA / TA annual fees (July 2021 to June 2022) are structured dependent on what membership package you choose and then there is the Phoenix Triathlon Club membership fee. 

For both the benefits of being a TWA / TA member simply click on the red box below and head into the Triathlon WA website for details on packages & associated pricing:

Phoenix Tri swim sessions are delivered to enable triathletes of all abilities to train with us. We encourage athletes of all abilities to come and try our sessions.

 In fact we offer your first swim squad session free of charge.

We do have to cover the costs of the pool & our brilliant coaches.  Phoenix Triathlon Club has structured swim session fees.

All swimming fees will be paid direct to Phoenix Triathlon Club.

  • A concession swim card for 10 sessions to be used within 12 weeks of issue for $100

  • A casual fee of $15 per session

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